Take a Holistic Approach to Sales Automation

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Obliterate Hotel Sales Data Silos 

Buyer and lead data is spread across disparate systems - your Sales & Catering system, online lead channels, website RFP forms, BI, PMS, seller inboxes and more. Your team is time poor and the amount of manual data entry in your sales process is burdensome. As a result, only the bare minimum is captured, leaving you without a clear picture of your customer, their lifetime value or their lifecycle stage. Our system-agnostic integrations connect those dots to give you a single source of truth for your sales team that transcends legacy data divides. 

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Clean Data is Actionable Data

The poor quality data that your sales team relies on today holds them back and hides opportunities. We start with cleaning. Our advanced platform identifies and purges duplicate and decayed data, transforming your cluttered data into a valuable asset. With a clean database that your team can trust, you can make decisions with confidence and precision. The benefit is rapid - as we can immediately illuminate past buyers you lost touch with so your sales team can start to rekindle those relationships right away.

Boost Sales with Automation

Sales teams are time poor and labor remains one of the largest expenses in your sales budget. Automation helps ensure your labor is always put to its highest and best use. Automation eliminates time consuming manual tasks like tracking emails and activities from your workday, freeing up time for value-added activities like meaningful live customer interaction. Automation can recall prospects in highly-contextual and hyper-personalized ways, ensuring that you always have a steady flow of leads coming into your inbox. Nurture opportunities through the sales process or use automation to follow-up consistently, so you don't have to.

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Unmatched Reporting for Actionable Insights

Our multi-touch attribution reporting takes the guesswork out of your marketing strategy. Automatically track every interaction a prospect has with your hotel, from the lead source, initial engagement to a booking turning definite. By attributing value to each sales or marketing touchpoint, we show you which tactics and initiatives are most effective at driving or influencing business for your hotel. This empowers you to optimize your digital campaigns, allocate team resources more effectively, and quantify return on investment for trade shows, conferences or sales trips.

Discover the Use Cases


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Better Lead Management

Be the first to respond and stop losing opportunities because you forget to follow-up.


✔️ Personal RFP responses
✔️ Lead scoring
✔️ Group / MICE booking engine


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Consistent Prospecting

Stop letting prospecting get stalled by distractions and drive predictable revenue instead.


✔️ Prospecting on autopilot
✔️ Highly-contextual outreach
✔️ Really utilize your S&C data


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Data & Analytics

No more wasting precious hours and dollars because you don't have actionable insights.


✔️ Identify decayed contacts
✔️ De-duplicate customer data
✔️ Multi-touch attribution reporting


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Painless Implementation

Full service implementation means your team barely has to lift a finger to get the system launched.


✔️ White glove service
✔️ Setup done for you
✔️ Highly customizable

How It Works

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1. Optimize

We start by understanding your hotel's unique needs. We conduct a thorough audit of your sales and lead data, to better grasp its current state and identify potential areas of opportunity.

We align these with your current sales challenges to focus efforts for quick ROI that is aligned to your revenue goals. After the audit, we clean-up your data - meticulously removing duplicate entries and decayed contacts.

Armed with clean data, we have a holistic and harmonized view of your business which forms the launch pad for automations. Through this thoughtful and methodical process, we ensure that our solutions are tailored to your specific objectives, setting a solid foundation for accurate analytics, decision-making, and ultimately, success.

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2. Automate

After the initial data cleansing and integration, we shift our focus towards launching sales automations for your hotel.

Our advanced platform ensures automations are highly contextual, so buyers feel they have received a personalized touch from your sales team. Data-driven automations can include enabling 1:1 responses to new opportunities and automated follow-up, making it quicker and more efficient for your team to handle new RFP's.

Lead scoring begins to learn over time, and becomes a valuable tool for your sellers to prioritize their focus on prospects showing the most likelihood to convert into a definite booking.

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3. Report

We believe in strong, actionable reports - quality over quantity. At launch, we can provide sellers with focused lists of high-value buyers they have lost touch with, so they can immediately begin to re-engage and solicit new opportunities.

Many hotels rely on sellers manually tracking their sales activities such as calls, emails and site inspections. Integrations eliminate this waste of time, ensuring sales leaders have clear visibility into actions for quota and performance management.

Over time, we introduce multi-touch attribution reporting, to help illuminate the most important and impactful sales activities and initiatives. And, at all times, our Customer Success team keeps you in the loop with regular strategy meetings.

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