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Prospecting on Autopilot

Automation generates predictable revenue.

Continuous New Outreach

Automation uses personalization at scale to create a volume of outbound sales activities that can't be replicated manually by individual sellers. It allows you to focus productivity on driving net-new sales pipeline and speaking to buyers. As the automation engages prospects, responses land directly in your sales teams' inboxes. Sales teams face competing priorities in their workday and automation ensures consistent prospecting isn't stalled by distractions.

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Persona-based Approach

Sales is human-to-human and our software helps you automatically identify unique characteristics of key buyers for your hotel. We use those attributes to create an audience of look-alike buyers. And, by utilizing all the data points available, our email outreach can use the same language that sales managers would use in traditional 1:1 interactions. The result? Higher levels of engagement from buyers and a steady flow of new leads into your sales team.

Get More from Trade Shows

Identify and create an audience of buyers attending a trade show, event or conference - and engage them pre- and post-event. Automated email campaigns help warm up buyers, solicit appointments for sellers at their booth or can deliver a ultra-personalized post-show follow-up. 

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Recall Lost & Turned Down 

Automate re-prospecting lost and turned down business. Sometimes you don't win  While this prospect may not have been good that time doesn't mean they won't be a good fit for a future date. Parclane's continuous recall campaigns keep those prospects warm and automatically reach out to solicit for future dates based on past lead history.

Discover More Use Cases

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Lead Management

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Data & Analytics

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Painless Implementation