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Painless Implementation

Setup done for you paired perfectly with white-glove service.

High-Touch Service

Running your hotel is no small task, and rarely do you find yourself with extra free time to setup or learn new software. We intentionally designed our implementations and customer success programs to set the bar higher than other technology vendors. We're software-as-a-service, complete with a side of white-glove service.


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Setup Done For You

We're experts in our platform, so let us do the heavy lifting for you. Our implementations process is designed for rapid time to value. From the time you sign, we can typically begin driving new sales activities for your hotel in 30 days. We'll through every single step of the process, no gaps and no time-consuming workbooks to fill in. Let us make this seamless and painless for you.

Customer Success Experts

We're aligned with your goals and our Customer Success team acts as an extension of your team. Our experts consistently make recommendations to ensure your success and ROI on the platform, while the automation works in the background, completing over 100,000 tasks a month for hoteliers.

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Infinite Customization

Parclane is enterprise-grade software. And, we offer our enterprise customers a high degree of customization, agnostic integrations and robust information security all supported by expert professional services. We can customize our solution to help your hotel company meet complex above-property business objectives or to solve meaningful business problems and unlock new monetization opportunities for third-party management or regional brands.

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Lead Management

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Consistent Prospecting

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Data & Analytics