Unlock Comprehensive Insights

This budget season's must-have tool - a complimentary, one-time snapshot. 

Your sales & catering data is a gold mine. But do you know what it holds?

The poor quality data that your sales team relies on today holds them back and hides revenue opportunities. Our Complimentary Audit is a tool you can use to help quantify hidden potential from lost client relationships, to optimize your B2B marketing budget for 2024, and model the revenue opportunity in your zero- and first-party data.

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Audit Report

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How dirty is your sales & catering system?

Ever wondered how many of your past customer contacts are out of date and unreachable by your sellers? It's less expensive - and more profitable - to retain customers than find new ones. Repeat customers spend 33% more with your brand than new ones. And, just one-fifth of your existing customers can account for 80% of future profits. Our audit gives you concrete visibility into the actual health of your sales and catering customer data.

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Which customers has your sales team left behind?

We immediately illuminate past buyers you lost touch with - including their value. With this information your sales team can start to rekindle those relationships right away. Our complimentary audit reveals a snapshot of your highest value past customers, their sourcing behavior and the revenue opportunity you could win back for 2024.

Can you save expensive sales and marketing spend?

With a clear picture of the untapped potential in your existing sales data, our complimentary audit will model revenue uplift possibilities using actual benchmark data from live hotels who are leveraging thoughtful automation today. When you activate data you’ve already paid for once, you can remonetize it again. Way smarter than pouring money into expensive marketing budgets to try and get new customers.

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Budget to Optimize Labor Spend

Because automation creates a volume of outbound sales activities that can't be replicated manually by individual sellers, we show you how optimizing sales labor toward value-added activities generates greater ROI from payroll budgets. Automation eliminates time consuming manual tasks like tracking emails and activities from the workday, freeing up selling time for meaningful live customer interaction, sales missions or site inspections.

High-Quality Sample Reports

Our platform is designed for rapid time-to-value. Our complimentary audit will give you sample reports produced with your hotel’s own data to show you how you can budget to optimize digital campaigns, allocate team resources more effectively, and directly quantify return on investment for sales technology and tools for your team.

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Curious how your hotel stacks up?

Nobody likes to air their dirty laundry (or their dirty sales data). But, we are hoteliers first and we totally get it. We designed this tool to genuinely help you get through budget season.

There's no pressure - we are simply here to help.